We’re on a mission to raise awareness about how milk can and should be part of healthy lifestyle for everyone – kids, teenagers and adults alike. Get involved by taking part in the milk pint challenge, grabbing a selfie of you and your milk, or by sharing your thoughts on all things dairy.


Mission 4 Milk is committed to spreading the word about the health benefits of milk. It’s that simple. Why? Because we’ve all forgotten just how good dairy milk is.
With the rise of plant-based alternatives, the reduction of free milk in schools, and the shift away from milk marketing, the average shopper doesn’t know why they should drink milk.

But cow’s milk is packed full of essential, naturalvitamins and nutrients – many of which you won’t get anywhere else. It’s great for your bones, it’s great for your teeth, and perhaps most importantly – it’s great for your brain.

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Mission 4 Milk is an initiative by Hillsgreen, if you are keen to get involved or find out more email milk@hillsgreen.co.uk

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